About the Promise

The Problem

1 in 6 Hoosiers are food insecure. That means at some point this year, 1,000,000 of our neighbors will struggle to make ends meet and turn to other for assistance. The situation gets worse when you examine the nutrition level of those on the edge of that bubble. Many families may barely make ends meet, but they are not able to provide the good, healthy, protein-rich foods that they, especially their children, need to grow.
Source of protein, like those found in meat products, are typically absent in most food assistance programs. The ability to handle perishable items, and the high expense of meat products, creates a barrier to the inclusion of this exceedingly vital food group. The result is a diet severely deficient in the nutritional requirements of protein, minerals, and essential vitamins needed for proper physical and cognitive function.

The Solution

Over the last decade, more than 300,000 lbs of protein-rich, lean pork has been distributed in one pound packages by Midwest Food Bank through more than 300 agencies serving Hoosiers in about 72 counties!

Promise for Protein™ provides the processing costs and distribution logistics needed to provide packaged meat to those in need of protein. 100% of the funds donated to Promise for Protein™ go directly to the purchase the pork. The Midwest Food Bank then stores this converted produce until it is ready to be distributed to over 320 food banks, pantries, and shelters across the state of Indiana.

Your Involvement

Promise for Protein™ is looking for companies or individuals that would like to make monetary donations. 100% of your donations will be used to provide meals to Midwest Food Bank for distribution to those non-profit agencies that serve those in need.