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Promise For Protein Midwest Food Bank
Mailing Address:

Attn: Joel Spencer

4310 West State Road 38

Sheridan, IN 46069-1113

Phone Number:

(317) 439-0056

Mailing Address:

6450 South Belmont Street

Indianapolis, IN 46217

Phone Number:

(317) 786-8980

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Please make all checks to Midwest Food Bank, indicating the donation is intended for the Promise For Protein program.

Sponsorships & Donations

Promise for Protein is funded completely by your donations.  The animals are provided at cost by Signature Farms, a division of JBS United, Inc. and Promise for Protein needs financial donations to provide the meals to Midwest Food Bank for distribution to local non-profit agencies.  There are two ways you can you can support the promise financially.

Company Sponsorships: Supporting Your Community

Your company can support the Promise for Protein by making a financial contribution. There are different levels of contributions available, review our sponsorship page to see what fits your organization’s ability to give.

View our current company sponsor’s here.

Personal Donations: Every Penny Helps

Individuals are welcome to support the Promise for Protein with a personal donation of any size. This program needs financial support and 100% of donated dollars are used to convert donated animals into packaged protein that in turn provides healthy diets to those in need, every penny helps.  Every penny works to feed someone.

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